According to Baer, in 1994, Obsessive Compulsion disorder is an overall syndrome with three main sub-syndrome – the obsessive-compulsion, responsibility O-C, and Pure-O.

Patients that feeling anxious, which emerges in response to the uncontrollable intrusive thought, urge, or mental image in our minds. Our rituals such as frequent hand washing is an attempt to avoid the intrusive thought or deal with the urges.

What is Pure Obsessional OCD?

This mental illness is a not commonly known form of OCD. If one is having Pure-O (pure Obsessional OCD), few compulsion is always observed with respect to the common OCD we are aware of presently.

The obsession associated with Pure Obsessional OCD are mainly mental images intrusive, unwanted and inappropriate thoughts or impulses.

Although it is believed by people with Pure Obsessional OCD that they experience obsession without any observable compulsion. However, proper analysis of their symptom shows some compulsion behaviors (avoidant, reassurance-seeking and mental behaviors). These compulsion behaviors are difficult to observe obvious as other OCD compulsion behaviors.

Example of Pure Obsessional OCD

Below are instants that show thoughts relating to Pure Obsessional OCD

  • John is has a young beautiful damsel, who he has been dating for 3 months. John starts noticing for the 7th time, he suddenly thought of James prior to his orgasm. This thought which popped into his head left him wondering if he is a gay. These unwanted, intrusive thought keeps repeating which makes him really upset that he has to deal end his 3 months old sexual relationship with his girlfriend in order not to deal with this concern later on in the future.
  • A father of a 7-month-old kid has to watch the kid as his mom went to get drugs for the little man. All he has to do is feed the baby if he starts crying. The baby starts crying, so it’s feeding time. The father starts feeding the little man when the thought of his choking the baby popped into his head. Immediately he ran out and stayed outside thinking how miserable he is, and ever since he never touched or got close to the kid. This affecting the relationship between him, his wife and the little man.



People suffering from Pure Obsessional OCD always seem to be functioning properly and normal. Yet they spend a lot of time trying to deal with the obsession ruminating, trying to look for answers, provide solutions to the question that seems to cause torment to them.

These intrusive thoughts might make them see themselves in a new way, which they are not. One with an intrusive thought like I could kill Miss Kate with a pencil might be misled to start thinking he is a psychopath or something.

Pure Obsessional OCD is often easily mistaken for a similar disorder called generalized anxiety disorder. However, the most effective way to tackle these disorder is a cognitive-behavioural therapy which makes use of the exposure and response prevention. These methods are used to cure Pure Obsessional OCD, which can be used alongside medication therapy (SSRIs drugs). Also, a new therapy has surfaced which helps in treating these disorder called Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

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This is not commonly known form of OCD. If one is having Pure-O (pure Obsessional OCD), few compulsion is always observed to the common OCD.
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