About The Blog

This blog is a safe space for people who have OCD and who afraid to OCD and intrusive thoughts.  You do not need to have OCD to follow this blog; anyone is welcome.

We are professionals in this subjects. But we’re also human, so we may screw up. We’re just here to give advice, spread positivity, and answer questions about OCD. We also can not diagnose you with OCD. Also, remember to take our advice with a grain of salt. If we say something that seems inaccurate or sketchy, feel free to correct us!

Also, keep in mind that we get asks every day. We cannot answer every single ask we get, but we try to answer as many as possible; so if your ask isn’t answered, please don’t be offended! We don’t hate you, we’re either busy or aren’t sure how to answer in a way that’s helpful.

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