Understanding Children With Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Understanding Children With OCD

Did you recently found out one your kid has obsessive-compulsive disorder? Or you just notice he or she has been acting strangely lately? You wonder what OCD means or how you could help.

Many parents usually blame themselves because their kids have been diagnosed with OCD. They think it all because of their lack of time, attention and many other factors. Also, certain parents get annoyed at this kids when they begin their rituals. You should know that these kids are not deliberating putting up those attitudes. This attitude will neither help you nor the kids.

For you as a parent to be able to help you kid out, you have to understand what OCD is and how to recognize its symptoms.

What’s OCD?

OCD is a mental illness belonging to the class of anxiety disorder. This condition uses the intrusive thoughts to affect how these kids think and act.

OCD is being characterized by two conditions obsession and compulsion. Obsession is unwanted intrusive thoughts, mental images or impulses, which brings about anxiety, fear, and torment that affect the kids. For our kids to cope with this horrible mental illness they are compelled to make some rituals called compulsion.

Why your kid has OCD

Till date, there has been no real proof or reason to why kids have OCD. However, research has known that some biological factors might be the reason – infections or the disorder is in their genes. After detailed finds, we could not find a reason that shows the parent or kids are the cause of the mental illness.

What you should watch out for

There are attitude or behaviours which kids might exhibit due to OCD

  • Feeling anxious, angry, sad or upset
  • Lacking interest in schoolwork or find extracurricular activities less fun
  • Troubles when trying to make decisions or choice.
  • Takes longer than usual to complete daily tasks like getting dressed
  • Get really angry when things are not properly arranged
  • Always want you to do things in a precise way or manner.

How to treat kids with OCD

There are two ways to help kids with OCD get better – therapy and medication. Note, there is no way to totally cure kids suffering from OCD. If medication or therapy is stopped, the symptoms might reappear.

Both medication and therapy are an effective way to combat OCD. Medication requires a medical practitioner provides kids with SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), like Zoloft, Prozac, and Luvox to increase the level of serotonin. It is an antidepressant drug which helps with kids compulsions.

Kids can also make use of cognitive behavioural therapy to help reduce the symptoms and feel better. The therapy technique is exposure and prevention response, where kids are made to face their fears. Although it sounds harsh and wicked, if these fears are run away from, they will only become stronger.

What you can do to help

Get close to chid to stop suffering from OCD

Get close to your kid, do not make him feel weird or think he is a freak. Talk, play and have more fun than before.
Visit a child therapist to fully understand whats going on with your kid.
Be supportive and engage alongside your kid during therapy sessions.

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