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What Are The Symptoms Of OCD In Children

The obsessive-compulsive disorder appears to be rapid affecting kids and teens more compared to a few years back. For every 200 kids, you pick there is a tendency of a kid with suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s okay for kids to have thoughts, fears, worries, and impulses, however when these thoughts are unwanted and

5 Signs showing you are probably having OCD

Are you stuck counting numbers over and over again? Scared of touching germs or dirt? Do you have thoughts that make you feel anxious or scared? These can be normal with no mental illness associated with it, however, it can also be as a result of an extremely severe mental illness like Obsessive-compulsive disorder. How


OCD is an acronym for OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE DISORDER , it is a mental illness which seems to start to affect millions over the world. BBC Health reports that in the United States one out of every 50 American adults and 100 children has this mental illness.  This disorder makes the patient feel angry, scared, afraid or