How To Stop OCD Thoughts

About 25 – 30 years ago, it was popularly believed that Obsession Compulsion Disorder (OCD) was a rare mental condition. Which was only seen to affect a small fraction of people. However, presently the case seems surprisingly different as it has become something rampant. According to BBC health statistics, for every 50 Americans, at least one is affected by obsession compulsion disorder. Therefore we have to know how to stop OCD Thoughts in our minds.

When this mental illness is left untreated, horrific, unwanted, irrational, intrusive thoughts or a mental image can suddenly begin to have a drastic effect on our lives. These obsessions also come with time-consuming compulsion.

The obsession-compulsion disorder makes you feel compelled to act on uncontrollable, repetitive, unwanted intrusive thought that keeps locked in our mind. These intrusive thoughts seem you can’t break free from them.

How do you resist OCD THOUGHT?

OCD thoughts cannot be totally cured, but you can learn to handle and reacts to these intrusive thoughts. The most effective way to stop OCD thoughts is by letting the obsessions keep going. An attempt to stop these obsessions or fight them would not stop the intrusive thoughts rather worse those thoughts.

Face your fears

Many people run away from what triggers their obsession compulsion disorder thoughts, it always seems like it a smarter decision. However, not facing them will only make them scarier and you more anxious than the initial state. An African adage says, “The demon you refuse to fight today, will enslave you tomorrow”, so why not face whatever triggers your OCD thought, to become stronger and enjoy your life free without worries.

Find a new focus

Whenever OCD thoughts kick off in your mind, try focusing on something different and fun. Most people go for a walk, play a video game, chat with friends or even attend a party. After successfully diverting your focus to some else, try reassessing those urges, mental images, or intrusive thoughts intentionally, you will find them less scary and tormenting.

Block all urges

These steps require you to pay attention to your urge and make sure they don’t surface. For instance, if your compulsion behaviors are checking if the lights are off or appliances are off also, why not try putting them off with extra attention before you leave in the first place. Pay attention to your triggers and correct them before you have to start worrying about them. After correcting them, if these OCD thoughts come back, say to yourself “I don’t need to worry, I closed them, Jerry helped me and am very certain these times.”

Write your OCD worries down

This is stressful, as it requires you to keep writing down all your OCD thoughts, even if it repeated hundred times. As you keep trying which is stressful, your brain gets tired of thinking or worrying slowly because you have to write them down. This reduces the effects of OCD thoughts on you.


Although it is popularly known that stress is not the major cause of these unwanted, repetitive, and annoying OCD thoughts. However, stress can bring about these symptoms or make the effect of the OCD thought on you worse. Try meditating, take a yoga lesson, and other techniques that relax the mind. A relaxed mind is a sound mind, a sound mind can manage urges from OCD thoughts.

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OCD thoughts cannot be totally cured, but you can learn to handle and reacts to these intrusive thoughts. Find how to stop OCD thoughts.
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